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Beauty of the Ball

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Beauty of the Ball

This Belle inspired tutu dress is made of 200 yards of golden tulle.  Sparkle tulle scallops around the dress with a red bow detailed with a pearl at each scallop.  Tulle "sleeves" add a unique look to the dress with the signature red flower.  Beautiful for any little princess!

At time of purchase, please leave your child's measurement from the under arm to about the shin length, where you woul dlike the dress to fall to.

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Size chart.  To determine your child's size, please measure from her under arm to where you would like the dress to fall on the shin/ankle.

6-12 months: up to 17 inches of length

12-18 months: up to 18 inches of length

2T:  up to 22 inches of length

3T: up to 24 inches of length

4T: up to 28 inches of length

5T: up to 32 inches of length

6 yrs: up to 34 inches of length

7yrs: up to 36 inches of length

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